Welcome to the official alumni website for
Dunbar-Haywood County Training-Carver High School Alumni Association
Mailing Address: P. Box 584
Street Address: 709 East Jefferson Street
Brownsville, Tennessee 38012


National Officers
President                                     Johnnie Boyd, Brownsville, Tennessee
1st Vice President                     John Duckworth, Brownsville, Tennessee
2nd Vice President                   James A. Taylor, Decatur, Illinois
Secretary                                      Mary Ann Kyles
Assistant Secretary                  Sallie Jones, Brownsville, Tennessee
Treasurer                                     Josephine Green, Brownsville, Tennessee
Corresponding Secretary      Ree Ola Young, Brownsville, Tennessee
Parliamentarian                        Martha Walker-Stratton, Nashville, Tennessee
Chaplain                                       Rev. Dr. Dorothy Maddox, Vacaville, California
At-Large-Chairperson             Mary Mathis, Westerville, Ohio
At-Large-Chairperson             Emma Clark, Cleveland, Ohio 

Alma Mater

Hail to thee O Carver, Carver

Mid the blooming fields

We will ever love and praise thee


and thy walls we’ll shield.

Carver, Carver our dear school

May you stand and prove

That you’ll ever shine your light


Guide our feet for right.

May we think in after years


of our dear old school

Dear to hearts and dear to minds


School where love abides.

Carver, Carver our dear school

May we stand and prove

That you’ll ever mold strong minds


True to all mankind.